Some small-scale business owners think that corporate team building activities in Dubai are just for large enterprises and companies. But small and medium enterprises can also take full advantage of the benefits of conducting a team building activity.


Top event management companies in UAE shared some valuable tips for small business owners should they decide to give their small team an awesome team building:

  • Change location

Although your team is composed of a small team of professionals, you don’t have to conduct your team building in your office space. It would be best if you can choose a different location for your team building. Conducting your team building in the office will only subject the employees and staff to distraction. Also, it would be very hard for them to think about anything else aside from work, since the space reminds them of tasks they need to accomplish. It would be best if you can choose a different location to maximize the time for team building.

  • Do some meaningful activities

Even though you are dealing with a small team, there are still a number of team building activities that you can do with your small team. No need to do something big since you are just composed of a few individuals. Just be sure to choose activities that are meaningful and purposeful. You always need to go back to the question, “What is your objective?” You need to make sure that your small team building activities are aligned with what you want to achieve and resolved.

  • Enroll the whole team in a class

If you are thinking of something continuous but meaningful, try to enroll the whole team to a learning class. As much as possible, choose a course that is fun but still practical, something that they can use for their work and personal life. There are a number of classes available where you can enroll the whole team.

  • Host an intimate dinner

This is another activity that you can do with your team regularly. Hosting a dinner monthly would help build the professional relationship of team members and help them take off the steam once in a while. You can either go for a friendly lunch or an intimate dinner.

  • Share your talent

Another meaningful team building activity that you can do is to do a community service. With a small team, you can host a small event wherein you can share your talent with your chosen charity.